• Potsherds
    Keeley Haftner

    Project dates:
    July 3 to 10, 2014

  • Haunt is pleased to present Potsherds, a special project by Keeley Haftner. Scattered porcelain fragments are volatile markers intimating the artist’s chosen path during an expansive wandering across Iceland in April of 2014. Only faintly recognizable to the trained eye, the trail of tumbled toilet shards offers a corporeal passageway to elusive landscapes, inviting occupation of far-off places by way of vessel for universal experience.

    While Potsherds remains indefinitely, Haunt adds emphasis to the project July 3 to 10, 2014, acting as primary audience, providing information and assisting with travel from Reykjavik to selected sites. For further information please contact info@hauntgallery.ca

    Keeley Haftner is a Saskatoon-based artist whose practice is developing in the context of investigating value-based hierarchies. She obtained her bachelor of fine arts degree in 2011 from Mount Allison University.


    Seljavallalaug (Natural Hot Spring)
    Meðallandsvegur [Highway 204]/Þjóðvegur [Highway 1] (Moss-Covered Lava Fields)
    Svínafellsjökull (Glacier Valley)
    Jökulsárlón (Blue Glaciers)
    Breiðdalsa (Waterfalls and River)
    Dettifoss (Largest Waterfalls)
    Namafjall Hverir (Geothermal Mud Pots)
    Hverfjall (Volcano)
    Látrabjarg (Bird Cliffs, West Fjords)
    Hvalsker (Beach, West Fjords)
    Strokkur (at Geysir)
    Bláa Lónið (Blue Lagoon)
    Sólfar, Reykjavík (Sun Voyager)


  • Viewable at:
    Various locations
    across Iceland