• Garrett Lockhart
    Wrought Bundle
    by Kiel Torres

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    I’ve been on the lookout for a new pair of shoes to replace my favourite ones that are precariously held together with glue. I’ve had to reattach the sole several times, resulting in a crust of stratified adhesive along the toe. Despite the risk of the heel slipping and cracking, I still wear them. The low-grade anxiety of anticipating their inevitable collapse only adds to the look.

    To best protect oneself in an earthquake, it’s advised to drop, cover, and hold on. This drill shifts our relationship to nearby objects: a desk becomes our best defense, a bookcase our biggest threat. Preparedness relies on repetition. In Wrought Bundle, the rhythm of stitching to mend a tear reflects this desire to endure. Garrett Lockhart’s solo exhibition at Afternoon Projects presents a series of vintage letter carrier bags refashioned into hand-sewn preparedness packs. By including things like treasured knick-knacks, first aid supplies, and darning materials, the contents of these speculative survival kits emphasize the necessity of caring to both physical and emotional needs in the event of a disaster.

    [Image Description 1: Garrett Lockhart’s Bag, 2021. A light-coloured canvas bag sits on a flat grey ground. Various objects and textiles poke out of the bag’s compartments, including: a pair of cork sandals; a green drawstring bag; folded, rosy brown and off-white fabrics; a brown paisley bandana; and various smaller pouches and tools. The bag itself appears well-worn, fraying in several spots. It is punctuated with metal grommets, clips and loops.]

    In untitled (Bottega bootleg) (2021), rope and cotton strips are braided together around a steel ring to parody a designer accessory inspired by outdoor knots. High fashion’s appropriation of survival aesthetics is critiqued and replicated in Lockhart’s nostalgic depiction of disaster preparedness. The assemblages and personal belongings presented in Wrought Bundle present a survival fantasy that slips between practicality, luxury, and sentimentality.

    [Image Description 2: Garrett Lockhart’s untitled (Bottega bootleg), 2021. An off-white rope and a light beige strip of cotton are braided together, in a criss-crossing pattern, off of a steel ring. The ring hangs from a nail in a white wall. The ends of the cotton strip and rope are knotted and burned, respectively.]

    Every time I’ve tried to sit down to write this text I’ve ended up shopping online instead: indestructible nylons, a vinyl rain bonnet, a set of shirtless sleeves. Words like “process” and “methodology” work their way into my self-talk to justify this act of, simply, buying shit. I write off my indulgences as praxis.

    -Kiel Torres

    [Image Description 3: Garrett Lockhart’s untitled (scarf), 2021. A wool brown plaid scarf is rolled up and leaning against a white vertical beam on a flat grey ground. An irregular six-pointed star shape is stitched into the scarf with a light-coloured wool thread. The scarf is frayed and shows signs of wear.]

    Garrett Lockhart
    Wrought Bundle
    Afternoon Projects
    Vancouver, BC
    March 18 – April 30, 2021

    Images courtesy of the artist and gallery:
    pg. 4-5 | Garrett Lockhart, Bag, 2021
    pg. 7 | Garrett Lockhart, untitled (Bottega bootleg), 2021
    pg. 9 | Garrett Lockhart, untitled (scarf), 2021

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