• FF | A Sculpture Garden
    Frances Loring
    and Florence Wyle
    with Maggie Boyd

    September 10, 5-10pm

    Sculpture Fund Launch:
    September 10, 6pm

  • Frances Loring and Florence Wyle
    A Sculpture Garden with Maggie Boyd

    Haunt is pleased to present an intimate evening in the courtship of the history of artists Frances Loring (1887-1968) and Florence Wyle (1881-1968). Pioneering contributors to Canadian Art, the art and life of The Girls —as they were known—has continued to elude art historical referent. Their memoir of unconventional and extraordinary legacy will be activated through installation of select archival materials in the Haunt garage, accompanied by an adjacent sculpture garden. Vested in a context of personal and poetic dialogue the accompanying sculpture garden will offer intersections of immediate and lasting relevance to the vibrant and social lives of Loring and Wyle.

    Loring and Wyle’s biographies will be explored in relation to their influential connection as characters synonymous with the topic of Canadian sculpture as well as their relationship to historical events, matronage, and to public institutions underscoring a political, social, economic and cultural landscape focused on prevailing sentiments of nationalism and identify. As a proposal to fulfill their final wishes Amy Nugent launches The Sculpture Fund, a resource available to public spaces, galleries, museums, and institutions of learning to purchase work of female and trans artists residing in Canada.

  • Viewable at:
    HAUNT garage
    (entrance in yard)